NF Stillaguamish River

The "Stilly River", photographer Cal Thomas

The North Fork Stillaguamish River, fondly just known as the "Stilly" begins its headwaters north of Darrington, around the North Mountain area averaging elevations of about 3,200'. The north fork of the river starts from the northern side of North Mountain where is joined by Alder Creek.  As the river flows to the south it picks up the Middle Branch at elevations of about 2,500'.  Nearing 1,100' it picks up Crevice Creek & short distance past this the South Branch of the river.

The N.F. Stillaguamish River & Mt. Higgins, photographer Martha Rasmussen

The river continues to flow south until nearing 800' in elevation where it bends to the west, a place known as "Rivers End.  As the river continues to flow west it will pick up the large tributaries of Squire Creek, Boulder River & Deer Creek.  Just before it reaches the city of Arlington it will joined with the South Fork Stillaguamish.  It will continue to flow until reach Port Susan, a distance of 45 miles.

Fishing the "Stilly" in early winter, photographer Martha Rasmussen

The "Stilly" is well known for its fishing in the winter & swimming and rafting in the summer.  As autumn approaches this river gets very low due to the fact that it is not fed by snow-pack but mountain streams & springs.