NF Sauk River

Hiking at Dishpan Gap, photo USFS

The North Fork Sauk River begins at Indian Head Peak and Johnston Mountain at an elevation close to 7000 feet.  Dishpan Gap and Indian Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail pass right above the headwaters. 

Sloan Creek, photographer Ken Larson

As it flows down it picks up Sloan Creek almost doubling in volume of water near the North Fork Sauk trailhead.  Sloan Creek gets its name from pioneer Jim Sloan, foreman of the Penn Mining at Goat Lake  Further down stream it picks up two more larger tributaries, Cougar Creek and Lost Creek. 

North Fork Sauk River, photographer Ken Larson

Increasing in volume its whitewater wind through the ancient giant boulders from Sloan & Bedal Peaks.  Then the water grows stiller just before being forced through a narrow canyon and makes a 60 foot drop creating the spectacular N.F. Sauk Falls and about 1/3 mile down stream the river again makes another 60 foot drop to a lower falls.