Feature Show Falls

Feature Show Falls in springtime during heavy snow-melt,
photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

This is the most famous of all the waterfalls along the Boulder River Trail.  Sometimes this waterfall is referred to as "Boulder Falls", but the official name is "Feature Show Falls". This waterfall splits making two single drops of 130 feet into the Boulder River, there is a bench near by for those who want to sit and just enjoy nature's beauty. 

Beautiful Feature Show Falls,
photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

Feature Show Falls is located a little over 1 mile down the trail across the river. Just a little before you reach Feature Falls you will come to Pre-Show Falls, lacing down the rock face and maidenhair ferns.  1.5 miles past Feature Show Falls you will come to Meditation Falls.

Feature Show Falls in late Summer,
Photographer Martha Rasmussen

This waterfall is a nice one to follow season to season. In the summer this waterfall is framed by thick lush moss and lacy Maidenhair Ferns.   Winter transforms Feature Show Falls and Pre-Show Falls into a wall of Icicles, a very beautiful sight to see on a sunny winter day.  The trail can be quite slippery however with ice on the trial as well.

Feature Show Falls & snowy Boulder River during wintertime,
photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

To get to the Boulder River Trail from the Darrington Ranger Station drive 8.2 miles west on SR 530, turn left at about mile post 41 on to French Creek Rd. French Creek Rd., Forest Service Rd. 2010, and will drive 3.7 miles to the trail head.