Asbestos Falls

The Upper Asbestos Falls, photographer Anthony Mohr

There is no real trail to Asbestos Falls but you can hear them from the Clear Creek Forest Road.  Just a short distance past Asbestos Creek Falls the road bends.  If you pull over and listen you can usually hear where Clear Creek down below where it makes a two drops forming Asbestos Falls.  This waterfall gets its curious name because of a mining operation on Helena Ridge where they were hopeful of finding a large deposit of asbestos.  Further down the road is also the Bornite Falls named after another mining outfit searching for the mother load of Bornite, a copper-iron sulfide.  The upper fall is about 15 feet followed by a lower fall of about 40 feet.

From Darrington drive south to the Mountain Loop Highway, FS Rd. #20 for 2.5 miles to Clear Creek Road, FS Rd. # 2060, turn right  and drive 2.5 miles to the Asbestos Creek Falls.  Asbestos Creek Falls is a short distance beyond the point.  Just a little before you reach Asbestos Creek Falls you will see another unnamed early season waterfall on your right. The best time to see Asbestos Creek falls is May through the end of July.