Bornite Falls

Bornite Falls during peak flow, photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

The seasonal Bornite Creek is fed by winter's snow pack as it melts creating this spectacular waterfall.  The creek builds up momentum as it picks up tributaries from Windy Pass above then flows down steep stair steps for about 200 feet.  The waterfall seems to pulse as it flows creating sheets of water over portions of the ledge.  A short distance downstream from the falls, Bornite Creek becomes a tributary of Copper Creek which is a larger tributary of Clear Creek.  This waterfall gets its name from the old Bornite Mine There are still several large artifacts located at this site to admire but please just look and take in some of Darrington's colorful history.

Seeing both sides of Bornite Falls raging down Windy Pass, photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

As snow melt dwindles, so will the flow of Bornite Falls until all that remains is the rugged rock ledge with a bit of seepage glistening in the sunlight.  To get to Bornite Falls you hike the historical trail to Bornite which is also climbing routes to a couple of different locations. 

The pulsing waters of Bornite Falls,
photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.
As you watch this magnificent waterfall it is hard to imagine in just a couple months it will be done for the season.  Soon the
water-worn ledge which formed the falls will be reduced to a mere trickle and then no water at all.

Looking up at Windy Pass where the Bornite Falls seasonally flows, photographer Martha Rasmussen

To get there: From Darrington, take the Mountain Loop Highway for 3.3 miles to FS 2060 (or Clear Creek Road). FS 2060 is on the right.  If you get to Clear Creek campground on the left, and the big bridge over Clear Creek, you’ve gone too far. Drive FS 2060 6.2 miles to the trailhead, a wide spot in the road (trailhead sign on the right) keep walking on the road which will become a trail.  While hiking this trail keep in mind this is not an official trail so pay attention for landmarks & keep a sharp eye on the trail.  FS 2060 is a well-graded road with some tight switchbacks.