Edith Falls

Edith Falls, photo by Nels Rasmussen, DC

After reading about this small waterfall on Bedal Creek we hiked upstream to go find it.  It is a pretty little waterfall of about  15 feet in height.  If you listen you usually hear it at the beginning of the Chockwich Falls Trail when starting off from the Bedal Creek end
of the trail.

Edith Falls dropping down into the Bedal Creek soon to be a tributary of the Sauk River,
photo by Nels Rasmussen, DC

Being that Edith Falls is on the the Bedal Creek named after the pioneer Bedal family that homesteaded near by that this waterfall was named after their remarkable daughter Edith.  Edith Bedal, a humble and very strong woman contributed countless hours of her life to her country, her community and her Sauk-Suiattle Tribe.

To get to Bedal Creek Trial #705 from the Darrington Ranger Station, drive south to the Mountain Loop Highway 26 miles to FS Road #4096.  Turn right and continue to drive 2 miles to the trailhead and parking.  Parking is limited, please do not park in the turnaround area.  You will see the Bedal Creek trailhead heading up hill, also you will notice a trail and water-bar to the south of the parking area. This is the Chockwich Mountain Bike Trial #647.2 which involves fording Bedal and Chockwich Creeks then to the Goat Lake/Elliott Creek Trailhead #647 or continuing up the the Goat Lake Trail until you reach the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness Boundary.  Only foot traffic is allowed beyond this point.