Falls Creek Falls

The Amazing Waterfalls Of Falls Creek

Falls Creek Falls
Photo by Nels Rasmussen, DC

Falls Creek Falls is a very unique waterfall!  Falls Creek is forced through a narrow channel of rock then forms a horsetail as it flows down a diagonal crack in the rock wall.  The waterfall makes its 60 foot drop into a deep emerald blue pool.  This deep pool carved out from the force of the waterfall is probable 20 to 30 feet deep .

Little Falls Creek Falls

Just a couple feet upstream is a delightful small 8 foot waterfall

Upper Falls Creek Falls
Photo by Aaron Young

Further upstream and about 3 miles of serious bushwhacking and involving some steep scrambling is the Upper Falls Creek Falls.  There is no trail to this waterfall.  This 260 foot tiered waterfall is truly one of the most beautiful in the Darrington District!  See a gorgeous video of this waterfall.

To get to Falls Creek Falls drive south from Darrington, just before you reach the White Chuck Bridge you will turn right on Forest Service Road #2080, this is the same road that goes up to the Peek A Boo Lake trailhead.  After driving 1.1.miles the road will Y, keep to the left and and continue on FS #2080, at 3.3 miles there is an early summer waterfall on the right side of the road.  Shortly before you have driven 3.5 miles you will see a large rock formation on the left side of the road and the road is gated.  You will need to hike 3.5 miles where you will come to a log landing.  There is a large stump laying on its side and large down log in the forest behind it, this is the beginning of a very steep 0.3 mile way trail to the falls.  This is not a built Forest Service Trail but a very primitive way trail.