First Falls

Why Do We Call It "First Falls"?
Because it is the first beautiful little waterfall as you drive the Mountain Loop Highway from Darrington!
First Falls during early summer snow-melt,
photo by Nels Rasmussen, DC

Catch this waterfall if you can as it is only there during the spring & early summer snow-melt or after heavy rains.
First Falls after heavy rains,
photo by Shari Brewer

After several days of hard rains First Falls magically appeared roaring down along the Mountain Loop Highway.  Looking west from the road you can see this unnamed stream enter into the Sauk River.
First Falls during a hard winter freeze,
photo by Martha Rasmussen

Winter transforms First Falls into a magical display of icicles and icy incased ferns frozen in time until the thaw.

As you drive south from Darrington to the Mountain Loop Highway  you will see "First Falls" on the right. The best time to see these falls is April through June as the snow melts in the upper elevations.  During the dry seasons of Summer and Autumn this waterfall will dry up.  In wintertime especially during the heavy rains, "First Falls" receives a lot of drainage through several small tributaries and can be seen roaring with an abundance of water near the shoulder of the Mountain Loop Highway. First Falls is 6.7 miles past the "Welcome To Darrington" sign as you leave to drive down the Mountain Loop Highway, you will see it flowing down a rock wall to the left.