Fletcher Falls

Looking at Fletcher Falls from the Mountain Loop Highway.
photo by Martha Rasmussen

This amazing tiered waterfall drops from a glade high above on the northeast side of Twin Peaks to the valley below making an estimated drop of about 1000 feet.  You may miss this waterfall all together if you are traveling from Granite Falls headed to Darrington because it will be behind you as you are driving.  There is a turnout just north of waterfall and south of the Elliott Creek Bridge for a good viewing
of the falls.

Top portion of Fletcher Falls,
photo by Nels Rasmussen , DC

Fletcher Falls is a popular but not official name for this waterfall.  Louis C. Fletcher was a prospector of the Monte Cristo boom town, in his exploration of the area, he was the first white man to climb Twin Peaks.
Middle portion of Fletcher Falls,
photo by Nels Rasmussen, DC

When you study this waterfall from afar you will notice this 1000 foot waterfall is a series of waterfalls.  The rock formation creates each drop to be its own unique waterfall.
Lower portion of Fletcher Falls,
photo by Nels Rasmussen, DC

As it makes its last drop it enters the Monte Cristo Lake which to this day looks more like just a slower and wider part of the
S.F. Sauk River.