Hilt Creek Falls

Hilt Creek Falls, photo by Nels Rasmussen, DC

Hilt Creek Falls is a very beautiful waterfall with two significant drops where the creek flows down from a narrow channel cut into steep rock formations.  The upper falls drops down about 60 feet fanning outward during times of high volume and during lower volume intricate stream-lets lace down the rocks and maidenhair ferns. 

Hilt Creek Falls during heavy snow melt,
photo by Todd Cheney

The lower portion of the falls drops about another 70 feet forming a tiered horsetail. 
Further up stream is two more upper waterfalls.

Hilt Creek Falls in late summer,
photo by Nels Rasmussen, DC

To get to Hilt Creek Falls from the Darrington Ranger Station, drive 23 miles north on SR 530, turn right on Illabot Creek Road which is signed.  Drive about 2 miles up the road,  Hilt Creek Falls will be on your right, (south) looking downhill.