Iron Creek Falls

ron Creek Falls, photo by Nels Rasmussen, DC

Iron Creek Falls is mostly considered a seasonal waterfall.  In late summer after snow melt and the rainy season has passed, this waterfall will all but dry up.  When you can catch this almost 260 foot tiered waterfall dropping down the steep northern side of the Illabot Peaks it can easily be seen from the Illabot Creek Road, FSR #16 and is quite spectacular.

Topographical maps indicate there are likely more falls further upstream.  Some people bushwhack upstream to the base of the waterfall, please keep in mind there is no trail and the Devils Club grows thick along a stretches of the creek.

To get to Iron Creek Falls from the Darrington Ranger Station, drive 23 miles north on SR 530, turn right on Illabot Creek Road which is signed.  Drive 12.4 miles up the Illabot Creek Road to where the road crosses Iron Creek via culvert, (this is not signed), there is a pullout near by.  You can look upstream at the waterfall