McIntosh Falls

The outlet of Goat Lake forms the first drop of the McIntosh Falls,
photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

McIntosh Falls named after the McIntosh family that operated the hotel at Goat Lake has three magnificent drops accumulating to 260 feet. You will find this waterfall along the Goat Lake Trail #647. The first drop starts at the outlet of Goat Lake into Elliot Creek.

Upper McIntosh Falls Photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

The first 15 foot drop in McIntosh Falls forms directly at the outlet of Goat Lake and the beginning of the very large Elliott Creek.  The water slides swiftly over steep rock steps.  You can usually hear this waterfall thundering as you hike the Goat Lake/Elliott Creek Trail.

Middle drop of McIntosh Falls, photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

The falls continues to make another 100 foot almost vertical drop down a steep rock shelf.  During high waters this portion of the waterfall spreads out to form a large fan.

Final drop of McIntosh Falls, photographer Nels Rasmussen

The waterfall then continues to make one more 100 foot drop winding around a stone outcropping then collects briefly in the deep becalmed waters of Elliot Creek.  Elliot Creek will continue to make steep cascades until it enters the Sauk River.  The total span of McIntosh Falls is about 260 feet total.

To get to McIntosh Falls, Drive from the Darrington Ranger Station south towards the Mountain Loop Highway, drive 22 miles to the Elliot Creek Road #4080, Turn right and continue 0.8 mile to trailhead. You will need to hike about 4.5 miles to reach McIntosh Falls.