North Fork Sauk Falls

North Fork Sauk Falls during summertime, photographer Nels Rasmussen, DC

If you come to Darrington be sure to take the short hike to North Fork Sauk Falls!  This 60' plunging Punchbowl type waterfall fills the air with thick spray as the North Fork Sauk River is forced through a narrow gorge & drops down to the deep pool below.  A result of the ever present spray this makes this a spectacular winter waterfall during a hard freeze.

North Fork Sauk River as it begins to form the waterfall, photographer by Ken Mitchell

The North Fork Sauk River emerges from the gorge with great force as it begins to make its drop below.  You can usually hear the waterfall from the parking area at the trailhead.  The river continues to make another 50' drop forming a lower falls.  There is no trail to see the lower falls & involves a very difficult climb down a steep rocky slope.

North Fork Sauk Falls during heavy snow-melt,
photo by Martha Rasmussen

North Fork Sauk Falls is an all season destination as it changes so much season by season!