Snow Gulch

One of the waterfalls of Snow Gulch,photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

As Winter snows melt from the So-Bahli-Ahli Glacier in late spring and mid-summer Whitehorse Mountain becomes a wall of waterfalls that you can see and hear from a distance. The destination to Snow Gulch is a beautiful hike as well as a historical hike.  When you begin you hike you will cross over a bridge at Moose Creek, this creek is named after the various "Moose" placer mining claims.  You will continue on an old road passing the the Niederprun Trailhead named after a early settler and prospector that had a lime claim up on Whitehorse Mountain.  When you reach the end of the road you will see an old mining tunnel which was operated by early prospector Sam Grabe.  Keep in mind mining tunnels are not a safe place to explore, the destination is the waterfalls and mountain vistas.

One of the waterfalls of Snow Gulch,Photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

Furland Creek making its last drop at Snow Gulch.  If you look above the waterfall you can see how steep this area so be very mindful of snow and rocks could come down here.  You can also get up above this area to see another perspective of the waterfalls by taking the Neiderprum Trail #653.

To get to Snow Gulch from the Darrington Ranger Station drive west on SR 530 for 6.0 miles and turn left on Mine Rd. and drive about 1/2 mile until you come to a gate on the right and a barricade on the left.  On foot, you will take the old road on the left and cross the bridge over Moose Creek.   The hike is about 2 miles and is a moderate to sometimes a steep climb.  You will see the waterfalls and beautiful mountain peaks as you approach the end of the road at a washout.  To proceed beyond this point there is no path and footing is treacherous and involves fording a creek which can be quite swift during Spring run off.  At the foot of the mountain, where the falls tumble to the creek bed, there is a seasonal danger of snow and rocks high up the mountain breaking loose causing a
dangerous avalanche.