Bryson Falls

Bryson Falls, photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

Bryson Falls is a popular name for this waterfall.  This beautiful waterfall forms stair steps down the Suiattle Mountain dropping eight times where it then flows a short distance and becomes a tributary of the Suiattle RiverEach segment of Bryson Falls has their own unique beauty and the lowest segment can be viewed from the Suiattle Mountain Road.  The height of this waterfall is around 300 feet.

The name Bryson is well known around the Darrington community.  Avery & Octavia Bryson settled in Darrington in 1919.  Several generations later several of their descendants still live in the Sauk & Stillaguamish Valleys.

To get to Bryson Falls drive north of Darrington to the Suiattle Road, FS #26, drive 4.4 miles to a gated road to the left.  Walk up the road to a Y and take the road to the right at about 1/4 mile just past a bridge you will begin to see the lower falls to the left or to the north.