Huckleberry Falls

Huckleberry Falls, photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

This beautiful 400' tiered waterfall can be seen across the Sauk River along SR 530 NE several miles away during heavy snow-melt.  When driving along Forest Service Road #26, Suiattle River Road, at miles 4.0 you can look up through the trees and just make out the waterfall when the leaves are off of the trees. Huckleberry Falls makes a series of 4 drops down a steep rock cliff.     
Spray fills the air as the waterfall divides by a protruding rock on the steep cliff,
Photographer Nels Rasmussen

The 3 upper tiers of the waterfall can be hard to view and is best to try to see them from afar. Then the last tier forms into a beautiful horsetail of about 250 feet.
Huckleberry Falls,
Photographer Nels Rasmussen, DC

Where it hits a protruding rock the waterfall divides forming two streams below that eventually rejoin just before meeting up with the Suiattle River Road becoming a tributary of the of the Suiattle River