Suiattle Falls

Part of the upper portion of Suiattle Falls, photographer Nels Rasmussen, D.C.

It is hard to say how many drops this unnamed creek forms as it makes one very long waterfall.  The creek begins its drop down a steep cliff at 1,450 elevation making its last drop a short distance from the Suiattle River Road, FSR #26 at about 700 feet elevation.  The only way to see most of the waterfall is looking at it from across the valley. 

This is the second plunge on this waterfall & the view it is mostly associated with, photographer Martha Rasmussen

The main portion of this waterfall that can be seen the most makes a plunge of about 130' then hitting a protruding rock formation, spreading the water over the rock forming a nice horsetail for a little over 100 feet then another plunge of close to 100 feet.  

Looking up at a portion of the lower falls, photographer Martha Rasmussen

The creek disappears out of sight after this then further down this cliff the creek makes another 300' tiered drop forming the Lower Suiattle Falls.  Down stream of the falls this ordinary looking creek crosses under a concrete ford on the Suiattle River Road at 3.8 miles and on to become a tributary of the Suiattle River.

Looking at most of the Suiattle Falls from across the valley, photographer Martha Rasmussen