Teepee Falls

The final drop of Teepee Falls into a crystal green-blue pool, photographer Aaron Young

Though Teepee Falls is not a large waterfall it is an exceptionally beautiful one.  The source of this waterfall is Big Creek and aptly named for the volume of water that flows within it.  Just upstream of the waterfall the creek is forced into a narrow gorge then make a couple drops of about 10' each.  There is no trail to this waterfall however a bit of a very steep and slippery trail proceed at your own risk

Looking down at Big Creek as it forms the first drop of Teepee Falls, photographer Martha Rasmussen

Looking down from the Big Creek Bridge on the Suiattle River Road you can see Big Creek about 100' down as it emerges from the gorge and making the first 10' drop.  Notice the concrete bulkhead just where the creek is dropping, this was where the Sound Timber Logging Railroad once crossed.

To get to Teepee Falls drive 7 miles north from Darrington on SR 530 NE, after crossing the bridge over the Sauk River turn right onto Forest Road #26, Suiattle River Road, when you get close to mile post 6.6 look for the concrete Big Creek Bridge where you can look down and see the falls. 

There is also an old railroad grade down to where the concrete bulkhead is.  You can pick up this grade just across from the turnoff to Grade Creek Road, FSR #2640, at 6.3 miles.  This creek and falls can be very swift and dangerous waters, the rocks very slippery so do not get to close to the edge here!